Womb Awakening



What is Womb Awakening?

In African Mythology the womb is seen as the heart of our being. In Islamic tradition the root of the arabic word for womb shapes the beginning of every prayer.

Womb Awakening is a stream of the feminine vibration in ourselves and in the world. This awakening calls for us to be rooted to the earth and fully in our bodies. It involves our feelings, our core traumas, our desires, our physical, emotional, energetic body, our sexuality, sensuality and sensory perception. This journey can take us into different states of consciousness and it can activate our biological feminine DNA  stem cells ( known as Shakti in eastern philosophy). When we activate our feminine DNA, it connects us to the  flow and the web of life.This supports us to live healthier and happier lives.

The power of the Cosmic Womb that birthed us is held in the womb of every women. The invitation of Womb Awakening is to open you to the deepest experience of love for yourself and others, to connect you with your sexuality, to support you to connect with your courage and strength so you may follow your dreams, to tap into trust that life is always looking after you, to empower you to express your inner beauty and share your gifts.


This journey may also -


  • Clear past sexual hurts, betrayals and sabotaging patterns
  • Ignite your primal power, sensual pleasure and passion
  • Reconnect you to the Web of Life and Divine Mother
  • Connect you to your womb grid energy pathways
  • Helps you to heal your deepest soul wounds.
  • Open the voice of your womb and wild innocence
  • Connect you back to feelings,sensations and memories in your own body.
  • Supports your womb and yoni healing journey.
  • Connects you back to the Universal Womb - the Source of Creation
  • Supports you to share your gifts
  • Combined with other healing processes, can assist you in healing physical imbalances in your womb and yoni.
  • Helps you to heal the trauma of sexual abuse and female genital cutting.
  • Creates a trust that life is always looking after you.


Our wombs hold the potential and knowledge to birth profound new creations into life.

I bring my Initiations and Training in the Womb Mysteries, rooted in my own womb awakening journey, into all my womb awakening offerings. I have expereinced and witnessed trauma and its rippling effects within my own psyche and family. Trauma continues to be my teacher as I learn about the ways in which it shapes our ability to live healthy lives. It is now scientifically proven that our trauma is stored within our wombs. And that the truama of the generations before us, when unhealed continues to play havoc within our very cells. My personal journey with trauma led me to learn about with numbness, frozen feelings, grief, anger, rage, unforgiveness, forgiveness, peace and love. I bring this wisdom into my sessions and offer space for whatever shows up for you. It is my life's work to hold and anchor the frequencies of divine love within myself and in all my offerings. My offerings are infused with the soft gentle field of divine love creating a safe space, inviting your memories and stories to surface, be witnessed and released and for you to allow love to weave you back home to yourself.


Cost - R700 - 1.5 hour / R1200 - 2 hours.

What women say about this session:

"Gentle holding, no sense of intrusion but loving atmosphere to explore, deep listening, intuitive response and time for stillness, loved the toning and singing, the drum journey allowed for access to deep inner spaces. Good balance between listening and time for languaging and time for no-words and sensing and going inward,very strong grief and well-held grieving process. I enjoyed the space and that there was possibility to lie down as well as sit and stand"

Dr.Undine Wande - Conflict Transformation & Systemic Coaching. Cape Town


“Rah offers a very unique therapy that taps into healing at a deep emotional, physical and spiritual level. I would describe Rah as highly aware and alert person that is hugely empathetic and insightful. She makes you feel incredible comfortable and allows you the freedom and space to confront challenges that you have been facing. The structure of womb healing intervention was a combination of a therapy session, yoga class and reiki (seiki)  energy healing session. She was able to help me confront challenging emotions about my femininity and womanhood that I had held from sometime after a traumatic experience I suffered with a Gynaecologist. Rah guided  me through a physical in my body of these emotions through movement and yogic exercises. Lastly once my body and mind and been cleansed of that which no longer served me, Rah conducted the most incredible reiki energy healing. I am not someone that had had reiki energy work before and I was a bit skeptical before the session. What I can say is that Rah’s powerful skills in Reiki changed my perceptions forever. It felt like a strong magnetic force that energised me for weeks after the session. I consider Rah to be a healer in the true sense of the word. She has a glowing generous energy which she shares with those that see her. It was a profound and moving experience being treated by Rah, which I hope to continue on an ongoing basis. I would recommend Rah to anyone, but most particularly to women who are considering pregnancy, mothers, and any woman that has suffered any trauma related to her womb or reproductive process.”

Rosemary Baronetti
Lead Strategist



 "Rah is really able to create a container of safety, support and of being tenderly hold. Most helpful for me in this session was at the beginning the connection to the earth and then to my womb – that it was so much body - related. And I really appreciated your questions that were always the right ones at the right time. And then your intuitive knowledge and wisdom what to do next"
Laura - Sophie Kreuzer, Germany


"Rah’s African Mother presence was most soothing to me. This divine nature of Rah’s is very powerful & burns through old belief systems in an instant, pushing through the stuff that would otherwise hinder a clarified experience...not ignoring it, but rather infusing outdated paradigms with tangible love, making way for deeper work to unfold in a 1 hour time frame. Her wisdom and primal nature made me feel safe to return to the womb space to sit in the lap of my true essence. Her capacity to sound without hesitation also made all of me feel very welcome. Rah is incredible! There is nothing I feel she could add or take away. It is clear she is in her flow, in service to the divine, & beating to the heartbeat of the universe as she mentors. I plan to continue my sessions with her & desire to soak up the wisdom she shares. Truly delightful to be in her presence. She is witty, wise, playful, holy, & connected. Rah’s sessions are deeply transmutational". 

Betsy Huljev

Birth Sherpa. Womb Priestess.

Durham.NC. USA





Womb Grief Ceremony


Grief is the medicine that opens the flow to my freedom


This one day sacred grief ceremony is a space to meet, express, befried and explore the deepest wounds and pains present within us, our Great Mother Earth and the feminine principle on earth - and to release them into the loving embrace of Divine Mother to be rebirthed.

For years grief called to be released in me and I kept the lid tightly shut lest I become undone. I was so afraid of falling apart even when I had no idea what falling apart was like. The women in my lineages were not big on tears. The only acceptable place for shedding tears was at funerals. And expressing grief openly was not encouraged - in fact it was discouraged. At a young age,I learnt that tears are seen as a sign of weakness. I learnt to disconnect without conscious awareness of doing so. But the sorrow inside me could not be ingnored. I developed all sorts of aches and pains. Toxins built up in my body as a result of holding in my trauma and my grief. I felt numb and a longing grew in me for release from my numbness.

Over time my longing and prayers brought about a tearyness. I started crying when I saw skinny dogs on the street and beggars and women loaded down with groceries on their heads. I started crying for all sorts of reasons and for no reason at all. The more I cried, the better I started feeling overall. Letting my tears flow revealed my feelings. I realised how much I had to cry about. How much I had not even thought of grieving for. And I cried and cried….. My tears unlocked a deep well inside me. A well I could not see or feel until my tears started clearing the way. I believe in the healing power of expressing our grief and feel blessed to have learnt about Grief Rituals through my Womb Awakening Apprenticeship. I have experienced the power of grieving in community - it allows for a level of grieving that is deeply freeing as we validate, acknowledge and wittness one another in our grief.

"Cutting edge science now reveals what ancient shamanic traditions have always known – that allowing the full, authentic expression of our grief, and having it witnessed, creates transformation at the quantum level, rebirthing our body, psyche, and soul."

This powerful healing is for women who have experienced abortion, miscarriage, hysterectomy, sexual abuse, female genital cutting, emotional abuse, heartbreak, and for men who wish to step forward and support the feminine, and contact their own inner feminine grief.


What this Womb Grief Ceremony will invite into your life -


  • Reclaiming your Womb space as a sacred centre of power
  • Healing and releasing old trauma that has ‘weighed you down’
  • Awakening the true beauty of your feminine self
  • Opening into self-love and loving relationship with your body
  • Awakening your creative feminine fire
  • Opening into the frequency of Pure Love and renewal
  • Deepening your experience of intimacy, relationship and love
  • Sacred communion with Gaia and feeling safe to be on earth


 There is no wound, no pain, no trauma so great that it cannot be dissolved in the Great Womb. Now is the time to truly meet and let go of the burden of shame, guilt, grief, pain and hurt that has held the feminine in chains, and to allow the Feminine Light to shine again.

Your are Supported - the Great Womb Holds You.