Womb Awakening - Women Are Medicine Turky Flyer


My womb healing journey led me to Fountain of life three years ago, where I embraced this Path of Remembering. This deep dive into my feminine essence has at times completely undone me as I faced my frozen feelings, my undigested emotions and the darkness that lurked in my feminine psyche.

Womb Awakening continues to open my heart. This path had led me to my deepest grief and deepest joys. It connects me to myself and my body and supports me to love myself. I feel and trust the support of life and love. I have healed what I felt could never be healed inside me. 

The feminine wisdom that rises from within me continuous to shed the imprints of trauma that lived within my ancestral lineages. I feel, see and lean into the support and love of Divine Mother. Womb Awakening has opened me to the living impulse within my being and to embrace the dream that is dreaming me.

This is my path and I am delighted to travel to the ancient land of Turkey after my teacher training in September, to collaborate in my first international womb awakening workshop.  

Please join Filiz and me in this evolutionary circle in Turkey.