I traveled with Saudia Air via Jeddah en route to offer womb awakening work in Egypt. As the plane ascended, an arabic prayer of protection reverberated throughout the plane. This devotional essence set the tone for our journey. The plane was filled with pilgrims en route to Mecca, dressed in their traditional  pilgrim clothes - the men wore the traditional white cloths ready for their pilgrimage and the women were dressed in black.

The energy of devotion and prayer could be seen and felt as men and women sat reading the Quran and counting their prayer beads, their divine essence visible and palpable. 

The words most used in the life of a muslim are is Araghmaan and Aragheem together they denote the two most adored attributes of the Almighty - that of most beneficent and most merciful. It is interesting that the root Raghma means womb and mercy. Both are the qualities of the divine feminine. In Arabic the womb is called Rahim. - the essence of the Divine Feminine. It is this essence that opens our hearts and allows compassion to flow. She, the divine feminine is woven deeply into the fabric of Islam and in every religion and culture. 

The seat of the feminine is revered in Islam so much that it is said that, ” Heaven lies at the feet of the mother”.

It is she who is reminding us of who we are. Calling on our soft,caring,compassion natures. 

High up in the clouds, the captain announced that we would pass over the Kaabah in Mecca. I thought of the magic of the black stone and the fact that many muslim women wear black. 

In womb awakening the dark black shimmering energy is a feminine space. It is the place of birth and rebirth and the place we journey to in order to remember ourselves. 

My ears and heart are attuned to the words that honor the sacred feminine no matter who speaks them. It is to this aspect of the Almighty, God or Spirit that I am aligned to. We have come to Egypt to listen to the women and men who live here. In a crazy city like Cairo, we are surrounded by the Call to Prayer. The Divine Feminine is everywhere and yet she has been forgotten by many. I see how important is was for me to travel in a plane of pilgrims en route to this ancient country. 

Our first offerings have been met with open arms. Everywhere in Egypt men and women welcome us. We are humbled by how we are received and by all the doors that open so that we can offer our work here in this ancient land. Nicole and I honor each of the women of Egypt who continue to show up to meet and be with us here. We Thank You for your Yes, your courage and your trust.

We hold space in the frequency of Divine Love. This is the foundation of womb awakening.

Womb Awakening invites us to awaken to what is living and breathing within our wombs and haras. It does not ask that we embrace a new belief system nor that we reject what we hold dear. Womb Awakening accepts us as we are and invites us to remember that we are the Divine.


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I arrived in Istanbul on 15th September 2016 and travelled to meet with my Co Creatrix Filiz Telek in Izmir,Turkey. Our journey  started with a pilgrimage to the Temple of Aphrodisias. The soft rays of the setting sun greeted us with such warmth as we arrived after a 4 hour car journey. We walked through the gigantic ancient doorway, touched the earth and stood marveling at the largess of it all. A chant came to me as I sat down in the sparkling energies of the ancient ruin.  We were on an ancient path as we sat in Aphrodite's frequency  - I Am the Body of Love - filled the air here.
That night as we slept close to the Temple Ruins, our conversations were filled with the subject of Love. 
Our next stop was the Artemis Temple. Just before we arrived at Artemis Temple we were nearly in an accident and in an instant our safety and protection became key. Artemis temple ruin is not cared for and is being left to fall apart. Most of the pillars have been moved and used to rebuild other parts of Turkey. A water snake swimming in a smaIl pool below us greeted our arrival and I took this as a good sign as we offered our prayers. Being alert and defending our boundaries were clear messages for me at Artemis temple ruin. 
Our journey took us to The House of Mary or Maryam of Ephesus - a  shrine sacred to both muslims and christians in Ephesus. The house of The Virgin Mary and mother of Jesus was identified in the 19th century by the visions of a Catholic Nun- the Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich and they were published in a book by Clemens Brentano in Germany after her death in 1852.
There is a sacred water well at the site believed by many to have miraculous healing and fertility powers. Maryam/Mary of Ephesus brings all people together to remember Divine Love and to bathe in the frequencies of Divine Love. 
In the week leading up to our workshop, two ancient figurines of the Mother Cybele rose from the earth to be found after thousands of years in two different archeological sites in Turkey. The synchronicity of this alignment with the ancient womb teachings returning to this sacred motherland felt historical in itself.
We felt the ancient Mothers supporting us and holding our hands. The Ida Mountains are known as the The Mother Mountains and the Mountain of Cybele. Our Retreat centre at Hizir kamp is a pristine wilderness filled with the sounds of rustling trees, chirping birds and the stillness  in nature where the life giving waters flows from the deep earth and where the sparkling clean air fills your lungs, while the sun kisses your face. 
Here in this pristine setting, held by our Divine Mother and by each women who said yes and who showed up to this call - we wove a dynamic loving circle, offering what we could, witnessing each other, encouraging one another, gently inviting ourselves to shed and bloom in the presence of  Love. 
We journeyed together into our wombs, into unknown parts of ourselves. We gave voice to the stories of our wombs and we grieved for ourselves, we kept committing to let go and to let Love In. We supported one another and we offered our shakti as loving balm into our circle for our own healing, for the healing of our lineages and for those who come after us. 
After our beautiful gathering, re - connecting with our wombs and opening to Her wisdom, we journeyed to the Temple of Athena. This magestic temple sits high on a mountain top and faces the ocean at the look out point where one can see the island of Lesbos. An Olive tree greets you as you arrive. All three of us felt stirred into a deep heart listening as we each chose a spot to sit and meditate and listen. Strands of wisdom vibrations moved around in the winds and I became very tired as if sleep would reveal the content of what was shared here. I felt the  frequencies present supporting my heart wisdom to flow and breathe.
My heart and womb felt full of all that was shed and shared here in Turkey. Supported in circle we touched our wombs with love and found beauty within ourselves again. We glowed as we remembered that we are always held in Love. We rose together in circle and we anchored the essences of our journey and our love into the sacred waters and air - and deep into the earth just like the ancient ones present on the land did before us. We said Yes to remembering this ancient wisdom present within each of us.
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For nine days we were held in the Womb of the Black Madonna and on  09.09.2016 we visited her at the Cathedral of Notre-Dame du Puy. We were deep in the teachings of embodied womb awakening - clearing our pathways and transitioning the spiral between student and teacher.
At the end of my nine moon apprenticeship in 2015, I joined fellow womb pilgrims in pilgrimage to the sacred sites of Mary Magdalene here in France. I answered a longing to merge and be encoded with the frequencies of the divine feminine. Part of my prayers for last year was that the Mother may bless me to enter the teacher training programme of the Fountain of Life. It is a miracle for me to be here, to live what it means to place my trust completely in Her Divine Grace. 
I felt the Call of the ancient ones living in me on my first night here when I dreamt of The People of Tswa. I had placed my ancestor stone and other sacred ancestor symbols on our communal altar that very evening. I have never had such a clear dream of my Tswa ancestors before and it brought much grief for the stories of our ancestors in south africa.  
The Tswa are known as the original hunter gatherers of South Africa and of other african countries. They thrived within a womb cosmology - believing that we humans live within the womb of the Great Mother. 
These ancestors of mine, possessed deep knowledge of plant medicines and lived within womb like structures made of reeds and saplings. 
Many of them migrated from South Africa to Ireland. Their history has been distorted by the invaders and now they are returning to be celebrated as the deep wisdom keepers of our country. The Tswa were the ones who educated all the other tribes about plant medicine and the gifts from our ocean mother here in south africa. They were believed to be a race filled with magic and they lived in harmony with one another and the earth and all her creatures. According to Sanusi Credo Mutwa, the Tswa knew how to build boats and travelled extensively across the ocean. 
The connection of the Black Madonna to Africa is undisputed as she stands in her divine essence deep in the heart of patriarchy.  I heard “ I am the Source that nourished the First nations, the People of the Tswa. I am the one danced through ecstasy - the one men and women throughout the world long to merge with. I am the one that patriarchy tries to devour century after century. The one the First Peoples were destroyed over. 
I am the well spring of the living pulse lying dormant within your wombs and haras. I dwell within you waiting - waiting for you to call my name - to open to my presence within you and to your presence within me”
I am in awe at meeting the people of Tswa here in France. Their innocence and love touching me and inviting me in. I feel their message ," we have never left you”.
Days after our visit to the Black Madonna, we journeyed to visit the Neanderthal cave near Pont du Arc. I found the guided tour disappointing but the creative skills of the Neanderthals could not be ignored. The way they worked with the rock formations using the indentations  and curves to give a sense of movement to the horses,lions,bears,reindeer and more. It was clear to me that the story of ancient men and women having no brain sense is a story made up by those who wished to control the minds of future generations. In this original art gallery from the Garden of Eden, one can feel them reaching out from beyond the beyond.
We felt guided by the Black Madonna to visit Pont du Arc, right after without knowing that the original cave looked upon this great archway. We imagined what it must have been like to have sat in the cave in the heart of the mountain and to gaze out upon the sparkling waters during full moon. There is a pristine presence here at Pont Du Arc - a sense of being in the Garden of Eden. When standing in front of the Arc, one is drawn between the worlds, between the flowing waters and the pristine earth - a bridge between the world - between heaven and earth - between our ancestors and ourselves. I could feel their pristine innocent laughter reaching out acros the ages deep inside my heart and womb. 
I am heart and womb-full of the messages and beauty of the ancient ones. I feel how my life is part of a greater tapestry being woven by Her with a Thousand names. I give myself to love, inviting more of me to come home in my body, in my womb and in my heart. I feel fuelled with the courage and gratitude of the ancient ones as I say my goodbyes to all who held me in such love here in France. My heart is filled with gratitude as I open my arms to the next step of my journey. May the Love in our Wombs and Haras come to Birth a new Earth.
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The Return of Priestesses and the Great Remembering 
We the Priestesses have returned. After thousands of years of being afraid to name ourselves and our love for the Great Goddess. Whe have returned to anchor our pristine crystalline energies together and to take our place in the great Wheel of Life. We are called forth irresistably by Spirit to creatively express our gifts in the evolution of self and the world. We come together in devotion, bringing our medicine - our heart songs and our prayers to activate our soul codes and to birth a new earth.
Our Mother earth is calling us to bring our devotion and love, to reweave the sorrows and heart breaks of our genetic lineages and nations. We come together at sacred sites of the divine feminine to transform the old and to weave our spiritual tapestry in divine love. 
Before patriarchy distorted our stories, every culture in South africa and Africa remembered the names of the Great Mother. She was revered in songs and dance all along our shores. 
According to Lion Shaman Credo Mutwa, the triple goddess was always known amongst the ancient ones here in South Africa. "The first name of the Goddess when is a maiden is Nomkubulwana. This is her name when she personifies dawn… As the Great Earth Mother, the Queen Mother of Creation, she is known as Namubunde… And as the Crone - she is Nomhoyi"
Prof Mathole Motshekga - Director and Founder of Kara Heritage Institute - explains that the African society was a matriarchal society based on gender equality, but that through the destruction of the African past, identity, culture and religion, the spiritual philosophy and cosmology of the African people has been lost.
The following extracts are from the papers written and presented by Prof Motshekga.
'Indigenous African leaders were divine monarchs (Fura or Faro)...This land of the people is also known as the land of the Sun (Kara/Langa) perceived as the King (Fura or Faro) or God (Ntura). 
....African monarchs are defined as children of the Sun (Ra) or the Moon (Ma or Maia) or the union of the two (Mara or Maria).  They worshipped the Goddess of Heaven and Earth, also known as Nomukhubulwane, Kore or Mohale.  The children of this Goddess bear the dynastic title of child (mwana/umtwana) and its variants.
For instance :
Mwana in Mwanamutapa (Zimbabwe)
Mani in Manikara (Sudan)
Mene in Meneptah (Egypt)
These monarchs also worship the Sun God Kara (Greek Krios) or Hara (Greek Horus).’
'The Queen Mother and the Monarch are reflections of the Queen of Heaven (Mara or Maria) and the Son Hara (Greek Horus) symbolised by the falcon God known as Shiri ya Mwari (or Bird of Mohale), popularly known as the Bird of Zimbabwe.  The Goddess Mwari, Mohale or Mwalinkulunkulu is worshipped by the African peoples as a whole.  This Goddess was worshipped at Maphungubwe and other spiritual centres in Southern Africa.'

African culture and religion has at its centre axis the Divine Light.  It also follows the Khemetic maxim (later known as the Hermetic maxim) of As Above, So Below. 'Everything came out of the One that we call God and the Mother thereof is the moon (Ma) and the father thereof is the Sun (Ra) or the union (Ma + ra = Mara) of the two. This Khemetic or Hermetic doctrine is the basis of African Culture and religion. More specifically, this doctrine is based on the Solar Trinity as follows : 
The Sun (Ra) is the physical manifestation of the Divine Light (Kara) that we call God. Like the Mind (Atum) of God Ptah, the Sun (Ra) is a male/female principle that split into the mother (Mara) principle. The Mara principle is also a female/male principle made out of both Ma (the mother) and Ra (the Father).  The mother (Ma + Ra = Mara) is represented by the planet Venus (Nehanda).
The mother (Mara) principle gave birth to the Divine Light (Kara) which is represented by the planet Mercury (Kara). Thus the Solar trinity consists of The Sun (the father principle), the planet Venus (the mother principle) and the planet Mercury (Child principle).
The fatherhood and motherhood of the Sun symbolised by the Solar disc or five pointed star mounted on a lunar crescent is called 
Ma + ra = Mara 
Maia + ra = Maria
The relationship of the Queen of Heaven and Earth (Mara/Muhale) and her son, the word of the Divine Light or Mind/Intellect of the First Cause (Ptah) is symbolised by a baboon carrying a solar disc, mounted on a Lunar Crescent, on its head. This baboon is squatting on a Cube (Kaba) representing the earth (Tamara/Kumara). 
The names Tamara and Kumara consist of: 
Ta meaning land 
Kumara/Tamara meaning the Queen of Heaven and Earth 
Thus the earth (Tamara/Kumara) means the earthly mother or land of the Queen of Heaven and Earth. The exposition of the Solar trinity fore grounded the centrality of the mother principle. The spiritual mother (Mara/maria) is known as the Queen of Heaven and Earth. The name Mara/Maria has the following variants: 

• Mari (Karanga/Rozwi) 
• Mwari (Karanga/Shona) 
• Mwarinkurunkuru (Karanga/Shona) 
• Mwali (Rozwi/Lozwi) 
• Mwalinkulunkulu (Nguni) 
• Muali (Lozwi/Khelobedu) 
• Muhali (Lozwi/Khelobedu/Venda) 
• Mohale (South Sotho) 
• Mogale (North Sotho) 
• Nwari (Tsonga) 
• Nwali (Venda) 
• Meri (Ancient Ethiopia and Egypt) 
• Meru (Burundi/Rwanda) 
• Meroe (Ancient Ethiopia) 
We call ourselves Priestesses because the word Priestess is loaded and coded for so many of us. We remember the fall of the sacred feminine and the matrilineal societies in Africa. In naming ourselves - we acknowledge that we remember the fall of the sacred feminine and that we have come to rebirth these old stories into divine love.
We remember that we were created in perfection, in a state of love – the ‘Garden of Eden’. Garden (latin - hortus) means Womb. The Womb of Eden is a feminine primordial state of pristine consciousness. 
Until at one time, we came out of this primordial Womb Consciousness as a lived, embodied state. Our Consciousness fell, and separated from love… 
We have returned to serve Love and to make new vows - vows to honour and love ourselves, our sisterhood and our brotherhood. We vow to hold hands with one another in this Great Remembering.
I Serve only Love and through my offerings I come to support your remembering.  I Vow to Anchor the frequencies of the divine feminine within my womb and my embodied processes so that you may anchor the Divine Feminine in Your Womb. 
I Honour the ancient Queens who came before us and who knew the potent power of their Wombs.
The Queen of Sheba
The Kebra Nagast ( the most important Ethiopian scripture) includes a magnificent passage where Makeda speaks of her search for Wisdom:

I have drunk of her, but have not tottered; I have tottered through her, but have not fallen; I have fallen because of her but have not been destroyed. Through her I have dived down into the great sea and have seized in the place of her depths a pearl whereby I am rich. I went down like the great iron anchor whereby men anchor ships for the night on the high seas, and I received a lamp which lighteth me, and I came up by the ropes of the boat of understanding. I went to sleep in the depths of the sea, and not being overwhelmed with the water I dreamed a dream. And it seemed to me that there was a star in my womb, and I marvelled thereat, and I laid hold upon it and made it strong in the splendour of the sun; I laid hold upon it, and I will never let it go. I went in through the doors of the treasury of wisdom and I drew for myself the waters of understanding. I went into the blaze of the flame of the sun, and it lighted me with the splendour thereof, and I made of it a shield for myself, and I saved myself by confidence therein, and not myself only but all those who travel in the footprints of wisdom, and not myself only but all the men of my country, the kingdom of Ethiopia, and not those only but those who travel in their ways, the nations that are round about. [http://www.sacred-texts.com/afr/kn/kn097.htm ]

May We Support One Another so that the Stars in Our Wombs can be Activated to Birth the New Earth.
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South African Womb Wisdom, the support of the Lion Shaman and Lions
It was written in the stars that three white lion cubs are to be born at the Drakenstein Lion Sanctuary in 2016. 
The birth of the white lion cubs at a lion sanctuary created an uproar amongst sanctuaries as it is their policy not to breed.  
According to Lion Shaman Credo Mutwa, ‘the african shaman sees white lions as transmitters if divine love and wisdom’.
There is an undisputable link for me between the visit of Sanusi Credo Mutwa to our mother city in 2015 and the birth of three white lion cubs all named after goddesses at the Drakenstein Lion Sanctuary in 2016. Sanusi Credo Mutwa offered many prayers here in our mother city. In a symbolic act of coming full circle, he drew the Ouroboros - the serpent or snake eating its own tail - in the sand on the beach using kelp. 
This representation of infinity and the creature’s ability to sustain it’s own life - eating itself, while providing its own nourishment at the same time. It also represents the cyclical nature of the Universe, from creation to destruction. It happens to be circular like a womb.
This lived experience of ceremony with two respected Elders of South Africa carries Golden Threads of healing for our mother city and for the rest of south africa.
According to Lion Shaman Credo Mutwa, the white lions are in fact Star beings who came to our planet for specific purposes.
The first time I visited African Shaman Credo Mutwa and his wife Virginia Mutwa, he asked me, "Why do you think I am still alive Ma’am? So may times I thought that I would die and I felt ready to go, yet everytime I kept coming back. Why do you think this is Ma’am?" I was overwhelmed by this question. How could I possibly have an answer. So I answered quite glibly, "Well you obviously had to meet us, me and my husband, Baba Credo". He only smiled and I keep walking with this question. Every year for three years after that visit, we kept extending the invitation for them to come and holiday with us. Every year either Mama or Baba was too ill to visit. Until last year, after a Priestess ceremony held at the Venus Pool at Cape Point. Where many sisters felt Baba Credo's presence and I invited them home and we called the Mutwa’s. And Mama Virginia said, "Just this morning Baba Credo said, I am ready to go to Cape Town now Virginia",and so the adventures of the Mutwa’s and a mother city womb temple unfolded.
Several year before I participated in an ancestral workshop with two local traditional healers, I had the most incredible dream where I changed into a roaring lioness after being chased by baboons. This was my first experience of lion medicine. It was not until my own womb healing was grounded within the sanctity of a womb healing pod at Fountain of Life and Seren and Azra Bertrand became my teachers, that the next phase began to flow. Three quarters through my first 9 moon apprenticeship, I held space for the Mutwa’s. I learnt many teachings about holding space, anchoring the frequencies of Divine Love, about grief and sorrow .... and about how receiving the gifts of love and care can shift deep woundings and pain. 
I visited Panthera after being prompted by a Sister and Womb Priestess from the UK. She brought me news of Panthera in Stanford and invited me to join her there. The following week 3 of us visited the lion sanctuary in Drakenstein. It was a beautiful hot day filled with the self knowing presence of lions and lionesses. As we said goodbye and drove away, I looked up into the blue sky and a cloud with the shape of a lion's head and the tail of a dragon appeared above us. We felt the presence of this fiery dragon energy amongst the lions. This passion seemed to emanate from them. This passion that lives within us that seems so distorted in our society and that is so difficult to embrace and embodied within our feminine physche.
A journey to the Mutwa’s followed in March 2016 and shaped by unforseen circumstances, we started our journey at the Drakenstein prison. We could not have known that all 9 of us, 4 adults and 5 children would stand in circle around the statue of Nelson Mandela, and that we would offer prayers for peace and protection at the start of our pilgrimage to visit lion shaman Credo Mutwa and his wife Virginia Mutwa.
On the full moon of 21 May 2016, a sacred circle of sisters and children offered prayers for healing and for the healing of our country  at Drakenstein Lion Sanctuary. Our sacred circle was held within a pyramid configuration that unfolded naturally. Three circles stretched across the land, held by women and filled with the golden presence of lions joined to form one prayer, one circle. It felt as if we were called by the lions to join them in prayer and not the other way around. The essence of pleasure emanating from the lions was palpable as we opened our eyes, our ears, our hearts and our minds to the lions and what they had to teach us. 
We watched as the lionesses spent ages grooming and cleaning one another. They were teaching girl time in a whole new way, while the male watched over them and had their backs. Their male mirrored the one male who came with us. We watched a tawny and white lioness sprawled out on the earth, simply enjoying one another. And there was nothing but purity in their togetherness. This was pure unconditional love given and received over and over. In silence the lionesses groomed one another, cleaned one another, they lay with their legs entertwined, their necks rubbing one another and their heads cradling each other. Their teachings were strong. A pride of lionesses spreading love.
Suddenly Loti the lioness jumped up, and trotted towards our circle. We sat facing two enclosures and she slowed down as she came closer to us. We all remained seating, watching and waiting as crows and ravens flew overhead adding their songs. She came so close, looked each of us in the eyes. When her eyes reached mine, my womb went into spasm. The energy so intense that I got off my feet and ended up and all fours for a few minutes, panting a little in into the spontaneous release. I focused on my breath as Loti continued to gaze at our circle. She sat down then and our awe at her acknowledgement of us could be felt in the air. She simply relaxed there,belly on the earth flickering away flies.
Both tawny and white lions have had an impact on me and my life this last year. The way lionesses put themselves first, the time they take to rest and enjoy being on the earth is a big teaching for many of us. We have so many reasons why we are unable to put ourselves first, while we similtaneously long to do so. The self acceptance of a lioness fills the air and she truly embodies self love. As she lives and hunts amongst her sisters she is the perfect teacher of sisterhood.
When she sits, her womb is rooted to the earth as a regal queen, grounded and waiting for the right time to take action. She is the great mother of protection - gentle and caring to her young and rising in a raor when it is necessary.
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