"Africa is the missing link in the chain that is the world. The World Cannot Heal, until African Women Rise and Reclaim Their True Power and Place in the World” - High Sanusi Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa.
Historical decisions against female genital was made by Nigeria and Gambia during 2015. And a total of 23 out of the 29 nations that practice fgm have enacted laws against fgm. 
I Offer a Bow to All the Anti - fgm Campaigners around the world for continuing to roar at the damage this practice causes women and young girls. The revolution against fgm is spreading, one class room, one arrest, one educational anti - fgm show and one conference at a time. The ripple that so many campaigners have created by each throwing our own pebbles in the big pond, continues to gather momentum as we witness more and more young girls refusing to undergo the cut. Now that these historical laws have been passed, we wait to see that they be enforced by lawmakers in their various countries. 
For a while now I have been working with the gift of healing. How does one heal from the layers of betrayal and pain experienced during the cut. 
With Female Genital Cutting seen as a crime perpetrated by women against women, It felt fitting that an Apology from the Feminine to the Feminine be spoken out loud and clear. The many ways we as women undermine, judge, belittle and hurt one another was reason enough for me to offer to work with this kind of apology. The raw emotions that surfaced for each of us as we first uttered this Apology in a small group in Cape Town, was transformative and acted as a healing balm. I saw how meaningful working with the Apology was for many.
I was so encouraged by the power of the Apology from the feminine to the feminine that I decided to craft another Apology from the Perpertrator to the Survivor.
Imaginining the person there apologising to me, instead of waiting to forgive some one - who may never offer me an apology. It meant that I could move on, shake the pain off, shift the focus and fill my heart and yoni/vagina with beauty instead of holding onto the pain.
The responses I received when the two Apologies went public was incredible. Many women told me they cried for the first time in years. 
Actively embracing forgiving those who have hurt us, without waiting for an apology has been one of the most healing offerings for me to make thus far and I can only encourage the medicine of forgiveness and grieving for all the ways that we have been abused, violated, disrespected and alienated. Both Apologies are available here on the website for you to use and adapt to your own set of circumstances.
Women and Young Girls in Africa are Roaring like Lionnesses to Reclaim our Rights over our own Bodies. To Reclaim the Power of Our Yoni’s / vaginas!
I Feel Blessed to have made My Roar Ripple out to Gather and Meet Your Roar.  
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 Female Genital Cutting is no longer a secret talked about behind closed doors nor is it one that countries can continue to ignore. Academics and Anti- Fgm activists in Iran has broken the silence.

Under the title “Razor and Tradition” the Sociology Faculty of Social Sciences at Tehran University organized a conference about Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) in Iran on 11th of July 2015. 
The intention of the conference was to shed light on all aspects of FGM.
It was the first time that an official body connected to the government broke the silence about this issue in Iran and most of the official and important newspapers published speakers’ speeches in full details. The psychoanalyst Dr Nazi Akbary, sociologist Dr Ahmad Bokharayee and Rayehe Mozafarian, writer of the book “Razor and Tradition” and campaigner of Stop FGM Iran, spoke at the conference.
Dr Akbary first talked about the physiological and emotional affects on girls after experiencing Fgm. He then mentioned the problem of exclusion if girls are not circumcised: “Among my patients I saw a girl from Somalia who had been expelled for failing to do so. Also it was interesting for me that in my research that the men were reluctant to do so but women were more willing to circumcise their girls because they want to guarantee their daughters` future enabling them to choose the best man for marriage.”
Rayehe Mozafarian started her presentation with counting 11 seconds and drew the audience’s attention to the fact that every 11 seconds a girl is cut in the world. For the operation which damages women’s sexual organs there are three different terms valid by law: Female Genital Mutilation, Female Genital Cutting and Female Circumcision.
There are many countries who share no data or statistics with Unicef. South Africa is amongst those despite the fact that the Venda people openly practice FGM. Rayed Mozafarian asked the Iranian government to give all data and information and all statistical studies to UNICEF. There are 29 countries in the list of UNICEF but more than 10 countries do not add in this list yet and most of them are Middle Eastern countries where FGM is happening but because the respective governments do not accept to introduce themselves to UNICEF addition to this list is postponed and on the other hand more girls are more at risk. Iran’s government should accept this problem as common in Iran. Mozafarian concluded her speech by inviting the audiences to join to “Stop FGM Iran” reminding of the slogan of this campaign: “even one victim is too many”.


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In Cairo, Egypt a small group of women staged a play about their experience of Female Genital Cutting.

The gathering, part of an NGO-led project to educate Egyptians on the adverse effects of FGM, was organized by the Noon Theater Troupe in partnership with the UN Population Fund. The group organizes performances in areas where the practice is common.
Most efforts by anti FGM campaigners focuses on protecting the younger generation from going through this experience and offer little if any assistance for the millions who have already undergone the procedure.

Nada Sabet, the group’s artistic director, says that one of the issues is that most women who have had FGM do not enjoy intimate relations with their spouses.

“They didn’t have any sexual contact before circumcision [the procedure is performed on girls as young as eight] so there’s nothing to compare it to, so this idea that things could or should be pleasurable doesn’t exist,” she says.

In Egypt like in so many countries where the practice is prevalent, there is insufficient sex education among men and women. Young men will often say they want to be with a circumcised woman not really understanding what that means.

“I didn’t know what it was before,” says Ahmed Said, 24, before he began attending awareness-raising sessions at a local NGO in a village in Upper Egypt. He says that families sometimes stipulate that FGM is a condition for a prospective bride “to preserve the ‘decency’ of the woman.”

“In our society with our traditions we can’t talk about this subject. Men often don’t know much about it,” says Mohamed Fathy, a 25-year-old law student.

Ahmed says he is now against the practice “because it can create a lot of complications and difficulties in the marriage.”

Dr. Abdelhamid Attia is a Cairo-based gynecologist and became an advocate for FGM eradication 15 years ago. But prior to learning about it, he said that for years it did not occur to him to question it, though he would see its negative effects in his practice.

As shown by the campaigners in Egypt, Kenya, and other countries - when groups of people, both men and women come together to talk with honesty about what their experiences of Female Genital Cutting is, they educate each other - and Opens the Doors for Change.


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I Honour My Yoni
My Yoni is Divine
She is Pure
She is Pleasure
This Purity and Pleasure 
Is My Birth Right
Gifted To Me 
By Divine Mother
As I Offer Her My Love
Treasures Rise From Within The Depths Of My Being
Lighting Up My Life
Creating Miracles 
Here And Now.
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No matter whether you have chosen The Cut or it is part of your cultural tribal requirements - the Yoni/ Vagina calls to be healed. 
She lets you know when she has experienced trauma and she asks that you hear her voice.
She cries for the opportunity to be seen as part of ourselves and not as this ‘down there’ object that we can expose to all kinds of things while pretending that she is just perfect. The Yoni when wounded creates an unhappy and out of balance persona.
There is much in the news regarding Female Genital Cutting and it is difficult for those of us not living in tribal situations, to understand why women continue to choose the Cut. And that’s okay. Women who choose the cut must do as they choose. They have made an assessment of their situation and understand that to remain part of their tribe, they have to show their bravery and strength in undergoing this Cut. Whatever we who do not live within the laws of these communities think, that does not matter. She has made an informed choice and is exercising her freedom of choice. 
For the rest who feel Female Genital Cutting no longer serves them and brings only pain and trauma in their yonis, causing traumatic births and unbearable menses - this too is their freedom of choice to assert. They have made a different assessment of their situation and lives, and chooses to honour Rites of Passage in another way. A way that does not require any of their blood to be spilled upon the earth. 
Regardless of the debate around FGC, the Yoni is part of who we are. Most women have never even had a good look at their yoni’s. The most attention she receives is when she bleeds or when we are preparing her for sexual intercourse. Yet, She Calls. She calls for us to see, feel and know her. To acknowledge that she is not just an object for the pleasure of men nor is she just there to participate in the birth of children. But that she is a vital part of our being and her contribution to our lives is invaluable. She Calls for us to know that she is a Holy part of our Divine Being.
When we heal the pain and trauma within our yoni, on a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional level - we heal our genetic wounds. Our mothers and grandmothers receives the vibrations of our healing. Our Great Mother Earth receives the medicine of our healing. Our healing resonates beyond our feminine lineages into the cells of our fathers, husbands and sons. 
As I honour my Yoni, I come to know the Divine within me.
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