Sanusi Credo Mutwa and Mama Virginia Mutwa held in the embrace of a Mother City Womb Temple

Womb temples, spaces where south african and african women came together to merge with nature and to honour all of life existed in south africa and africa long long ago. Ceremonies where women came together in honour of the web of life, blessed the masculine, the lands and all who dwelt there. These ceremonies where love and beauty were encoded into the surrounding spaces brought peace, harmony and beauty into being.

I first met the Mutwa’s several years ago when they performed a water ceremony on Camps Bay beach. The next day Mama Virginia wrote her number down and invited me to visit them. We spoke on the telephone often over the next few years until all was aligned for me to be able to spend time with them in Kuruman. For three years Baba Credo said that Mama Ocean was calling him and that he longed to be with her again but that he was too ill for such a long journey. During March 2015, both of them desperately needed the medicine that our ocean mother can offer and an epic adventure unfolded. Their request was for privacy and our intention was to offer them a space where they could receive. Several circles supported our elders and their time in the mother city. Sanusi Credo Mutwa and Mama Virginia Mutwa visited our mother ocean and offered their prayers. A small water ceremony followed. The longing in their hearts to stand once more in the presence of and on our holy Table Mountain was answered and together we sang songs of peace and love for all the peoples and for all of life there. According to Baba Credo ‘ the ancient ones said that humans were born from our sacred Table Mountain.
For years Baba Credo Mutwa has spoken of all of us returning to the ways of the grandmothers and of tapping into our mother minds as a way of bringing healing to ourselves and to the rest of the world. The pieces of a puzzle held in the hands of the Divine took shape as each of us brought our ancestral threads into our circle. In moments enfused with purity and beauty our Elders returned to walk this land, to be bathed in the frequency of this Garden of Eden where the ancient ones lived in balance, beauty and harmony. Garden means womb from the latin (hortus) and is a magical feminine space held in the innocence and beauty of Love.
We journeyed with our soul wounds and we witnessed the sorrow of lost dreams and the wound of unshed tears in the stories of Sanusi Credo Mutwa. 
In purity and with beauty our Elders returned to walk this land, to be bathed in the frequency of this Garden of Eden where the ancient ones lived in harmony with one another and in harmony with all of creation. 
We walked in the foot steps of the ancient ones before us. We prayed, cried and rejoiced at the feet of our Mother and we were anointed in her sacred waters. We were all part of a Great Remembering. To remember who we are. To remember how to breathe and how to receive.
" We must remember the holy things back and bring back the holy places to heal the people. Remembering will bring humanity to the root of the ancient soul and the old world must go into a new era without swords, only with hands that are clean" Sanusi Credo Mutwa

A Mother City Womb Temple was anchored and her frequency pulses througout the lands,in honour of all peoples and all of life. 


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We Give Ourselves Away
Self Love. Boundaries. Forgive. Cleanse. Heal. Reclaim. 
I spent years giving myself away. I gave myself away because I did not know better. I was taught that one must earn love. I did not know what boundaries were or how to create boundaries in a relationship. Creating healthy boundaries was a catch phrase until I had enough - spoke it and vowed to do differently, and a door opened for me to learn a new way of relating to myself and others.
I gave myself away because I thought this is what women do to be appreciated and respected in our society.
We give ourselves away in co-dependant relationships with our parents,lovers, our children and our friends.  We give ourselves away to keep the peace. To feel a sense of belonging in our families and with our partners. We give ourselves away to redeem ourselves. 
We give ourselves away because we feel guilty for being different. 
We play small when we give ourselves away and we inadvertantly send a message out that others are more important than we are.
We carry the stories of how our ancestors survived in our cells. Sometimes we carry their guilt and we give ourselves away on behalf of them.
We give ourselves away because of our own guilt - because we did not stand in our truth when we were called to do so, we lay down our own punishment - we give ourselves away in acts of redemption. 
We give ourselves away for our causes and our circles. Places where belonging and fitting in and feeling part of community feeds our souls. These sacred spaces are the closest thing many of us find to being part of a functioning family. Often all the same dynamics present within a family lives within our circles, and we have to learn how to speak up for ourselves, how to be heard when the majority of voices move in a different rhythm than us. 
When we have been in a spiral of giving ourselves away, we need space to feel and express our feelings and our grief. A new way of relating cannot open for us until we feel and grieve the old ways of being. In giving ourselves away, we have given parts of ourselves away to others. Those parts cannot come home on their own. 
I have experienced and witnessed in others what not having space to express our grief and our trauma creates in our lives and within the circles we are a part of. I know how difficult it can be to allow our emotions their freedom. And how scary it feels when our feelings finally come to the surface to be felt and expressed. 
Many of the structures within our societies offer no space for our true feelings. We feel forced to hold ourselves together even when we know we are falling apart. Often our circles are so tightly held together that there is no space to receive us fully when we are triggered. 
Most of us carry some form of trauma. This trauma in our bodies need to heal before we are able to stop the spiral of giving ourselves away. We need spaces where we can grieve and feel held. 
I now offer what I have learnt through my own journey. I leamt that feeling worthy is not based on self sacrifice. That Our Source - Our Mother Divine offers Her unconditional Love tp us regardless of whether we feel worthy or not. 
My Yoni Steam Sessions and My Womb Healing Journey’s are held in a way that allows space for all your trauma and your grief. With my shamanic drum I offer ways of calling back, of reclaiming and of integrating your lost soul parts. 
All of who we are is held within the fields of our wombs and haras.  When we reclaim ourselves from our epicentre - from the heart of our being we are able to come home to all that we are. 
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My own healing continues to be grounded in my choice to keep calling forgiveness into my being. I call the forgiveness that is like soft rain washing through my sacred body - a balm to my pain. The Forgiveness that has the capacity to teach me about my ability to open my heart to myself. 
I offer this invocation 'I Forgive Myself ‘. I see and feel how forgiveness clears my energy field and my capacity to feel my feelings. Forgiving myself means that I no longer hold onto beliefs that I deserve to be punished for my mistakes. It opens me to feelings of compassion and understanding towards myself and therefor to others. 
I start to see that I have done my best. That that is all I could do at the time. No matter what I think I could have done if only I knew then what I know now. Nothing else could be done with the skills I had then. I did my best.
Forgiving myself means taking responsibility for my own actions without burying myself in failure for what has not worked in my life.  It means saying that I am Worthy.  Yes, I am Worthy. I am Worthy and I can Forgive Myself.
It means I can no longer hide behind the blame game. I can no longer hide behind the story that I am not good enough, or that I am always misunderstood and every one else gets to live their dreams and visions. There can be no more poor me when I start applying this balm of forgiveness to myself. Without this act of forgiving myself I remain stuck in a story where I am the victim. Where some one is always doing something to hurt me, or betray me, or violate my rights. I remain stuck in the story where I cannot learn to trust myself. My finger remains pointed...
There is a well of compassion inside ourselves and as we make our intentions to forgive ourselves, this well rises to meet us.
I invite you to hold your left hand on your heart and your right hand on your womb or hara. Take a few deep breaths and feel how your roots grow deep down into the moist earth. Allow yourself deep breaths as you ground your intention to forgive yourself.
If you wish you can light a candle or create ceremonial space before you start. When you are ready,  speak your words of forgiveness to yourself out loud. I recommend you speak your words a few times and that you do so as often as is possible for yourself. Allow whatever you are able to offer yourself in the moment to be enough. May It Be So.
May Divine Love Embrace Us All. 

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On Saturday 6 February is the International Day of Zero Tolerance Against FGM.

On 6 February I will Hold a Free Healing Transmission called Healing the Flower. I make this offering as part of my healing journey and are inviting women and men around the World to hold hands with me and the Fountain of Life In a Worldwide Healing Circle as we pray for the Healing of our Sisters and all affected by FGM. We hold a candle to birth new ways to celebrate and honour our young girls and women here on our continent.
We know that there exists a cycle within which FGM thrives and survives. This cycle includes the families who continue to take young girls to be cut, the Cutters whose means of surviving is the monies earned from cutting, and the men who demand and in most cases pay for young girls to have the cut in order to prepare for marriage to them.
Thousands of years of female genital cutting has left young girls, women and men with a distorted experience of life and our sexuality. It has left us with feelings of shame, fear, betrayal, terror and deep grief.
Our experience of life has been altered as a result of these painful and horrific experiences.
Our Vaginas and Wombs are sacred and hold every trace of our deepest experiences. When shock, pain and grief is held within, we lose parts of ourselves. Our connection to life and the creative power that dwells in our sacred centers diminishes and becomes blocked. We move through the world from a place of disconnection and frozenness without knowing this is how we are.
When we allow ourselves to open to the grief that is frozen inside us, we begin to feel again as our tears start to soften the layers around our hearts. If this can be held in a container of forgiveness and love, we can integrate the most traumatic experiences and our hearts can flower again, in all it’s fullness and richness. 
I hold a candle for the healing of the yonis/vaginas and wombs in Somalia, Guinea, Djibouti, Sierra Leone, Mali, Egypt, Sudan, Eritrea, Burkina Faso and Gambia, all rated as the countries with the highest incidence of FGM. 
I hold a candle for statistics to be collected and Education to be made available and visible by the South African government, by the lawmakers in Lesotho and Indonesia where no statistics is currently been collated. But we know that FGM is practiced in these countries. 
On Wednesday 5 February, a young reporter Monique Hansen from the Children’s Radio Foundation based in Cape Town conducted an interview with me. It felt incredible for me to host my first radio interview with a young woman for a children’s radio station. It felt profound for me to be in the center of this young woman empowering herself with education on the subject and the young girls most affected by FGM.
Here is a link to our interview
May all the offerings of campaigners all around the world birth new traditions and pathways that support, nurture and show love to young girls and women in our country, continent and the rest of the world.
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"Africa is the missing link in the chain that is the world. The World Cannot Heal, until African Women Rise and Reclaim Their True Power and Place in the World” - High Sanusi Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa.
Historical decisions against female genital was made by Nigeria and Gambia during 2015. And a total of 23 out of the 29 nations that practice fgm have enacted laws against fgm. 
I Offer a Bow to All the Anti - fgm Campaigners around the world for continuing to roar at the damage this practice causes women and young girls. The revolution against fgm is spreading, one class room, one arrest, one educational anti - fgm show and one conference at a time. The ripple that so many campaigners have created by each throwing our own pebbles in the big pond, continues to gather momentum as we witness more and more young girls refusing to undergo the cut. Now that these historical laws have been passed, we wait to see that they be enforced by lawmakers in their various countries. 
For a while now I have been working with the gift of healing. How does one heal from the layers of betrayal and pain experienced during the cut. 
With Female Genital Cutting seen as a crime perpetrated by women against women, It felt fitting that an Apology from the Feminine to the Feminine be spoken out loud and clear. The many ways we as women undermine, judge, belittle and hurt one another was reason enough for me to offer to work with this kind of apology. The raw emotions that surfaced for each of us as we first uttered this Apology in a small group in Cape Town, was transformative and acted as a healing balm. I saw how meaningful working with the Apology was for many.
I was so encouraged by the power of the Apology from the feminine to the feminine that I decided to craft another Apology from the Perpertrator to the Survivor.
Imaginining the person there apologising to me, instead of waiting to forgive some one - who may never offer me an apology. It meant that I could move on, shake the pain off, shift the focus and fill my heart and yoni/vagina with beauty instead of holding onto the pain.
The responses I received when the two Apologies went public was incredible. Many women told me they cried for the first time in years. 
Actively embracing forgiving those who have hurt us, without waiting for an apology has been one of the most healing offerings for me to make thus far and I can only encourage the medicine of forgiveness and grieving for all the ways that we have been abused, violated, disrespected and alienated. Both Apologies are available here on the website for you to use and adapt to your own set of circumstances.
Women and Young Girls in Africa are Roaring like Lionnesses to Reclaim our Rights over our own Bodies. To Reclaim the Power of Our Yoni’s / vaginas!
I Feel Blessed to have made My Roar Ripple out to Gather and Meet Your Roar.  
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