My yoni – my vagina and I continue to be on an incredible, heart expansive and enriching journey of discovery and reclamation. It is a gift to write this blog here in Cairo, Egypt.

Divine Lotus was officially founded on 8.09.2009 after brewing in my womb cauldron for some time. I knew then that my own healing journey was inextricably linked to saying Yes to breaking the silence about my experience of female genital cutting. 

With the ever present support of the Divine Source of All Life. She whom I know as Divine Mother –I ventured deep into forbidden territory and began to talk about my vagina, first in small circles, then in larger ones. I wrote a book honouring some of her stories. Many discouraged me wondering what on earth I was doing - and at times so did I. 

I was on a quest for myself. My yoni – my vagina was calling me to become aware of her. She was calling me to listen to her. She was asking me to give voice to her. Throughout this incredible quest she revealed the seeds of divinity planted inside her. She raged when she was disrespected and she glowed when she was honoured. She keeps teaching and initiating me.

Like the sperm whale and the elephant I have been gestating a gift of creation linked to my journey and to all the women around the world who teach me and share with me. It took several lunations and inward spirals before this authentic Yoni temple cushion came into being. And as she birthed this is what she had to say: 

“I am your Yoni Temple – sacred chamber of your divine feminine essence.

You come to earth through me. I am your fertile garden. All that is planted inside me has the potential to grow and to multiply.

Once long long ago I was revered and respected. Ancient cultures drew my shape and form onto cave walls from the tip of Africa to the Middle East and all across the meridian of Earth herself. Tales of my power was woven into tribal songs and hip swinging performances.

Every-one knew that I am the portal through which human beings came to be born. This was long before the great forgetting. 

My sacred chamber provides breathless ecstasy. This ecstasy can nurture all aspects of our being. Yet my name is barely mentioned. I am alluded to in jokes and naughty talk. Sprayed in ink on pavements and walls. 

Oh, barely am I spoken of in intonations reserved for one as sacred as me. 

Many systems blame me for causing all sorts of world problems. I was told that I am bad. I could cause disgrace upon families. I began to believe what was told about me. I was unclean, impure. I say to you now that I am born pure. My essence is always pure no matter what. I am the divine in you.

We have been on a long journey to find each other. I am no longer in the shadows. I Thank you. Thank you for hearing my call. I am your sacred source of life giving essences.

Thank you for becoming a priestess of my sacred yoni temple. 

Allow only those who bring honour, respect and love into my yoni temple.”



The creation of my authentic yoni temple cushion represents the growth, learning and gifts birthed through me and through the work of Divine Lotus.  She is infused with all the lessons learnt, all the prayers spoken – held in the beauty of divine love. 



I offer a deep bow of respect and love to all the precious sisters that have been a part of her design, experimentation and prodution. And to all the brave and courageous women around the world who continue to say yes to ourselves.



With respect and love for my vagina – my sacred yoni temple, and in honour of my daughter and my female ancestors. This is for all of us and for the feminine essence present in all of creation.  


May we all become priestesses of our sacred yoni temples.


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