What started out as a woman feeling called by her womb and yoni has grown into my soul work and vocation. The writing of a short story witnessed by an incredible circle of women and men followed. It was here that the conversations about fgm were initiated before I became the Founder of Divine Lotus.  I learnt to witness and hold space for the secret stories of sexual and intimate traumas experienced by many people in South Africa. 

When I founded Divine Lotus many friends and family thought that I was crazy. The layering of taboos related to this subject was too daunting even to think about. I did not think about the how when I started. I trusted in Divine Guidance and knew without a doubt that this is my soul work.

The root of my name at birth means womb in Arabic. Unbeknown to my parents, my soul’s calling was coded in me when I came to earth. Womb and Merciful are twin arabic words used at the beginning of every prayer. My initiation started early and have driven me to seek the mysteries of the feminine all my life.

It has been a monumental soul task to offer my own stories of wounding here in the mother city. My female lineages did not have the option to pioneer in apartheid south africa. They inherited a traumatised legacy that defined the roles and positions they could take in their society. I stand on the shoulders of these courageous women. Their strength and tenacity breathes in my backbone. Their lives gave rise to my life. 

By the Grace of the Mother and with the support of my ancestors - my soul work is rooted here in the mother city. A body of work honouring the feminine as divine and our sacred yoni's and wombs as holy compassionate vessels are blossoming.  

Life offers all the lessons I need to be able to master my dance with life and love.  It is here present in my life where my own grief and tears are shed and where my own growth is seeded.  These often painful lessons fill the container of divine love that I hold for all my offerings. Without my own experiences of struggle and trauma, I would not be able to offer others the gifts of insight and wisdom to support their journeys of empowerment.

Every intimate conversation feels ground breaking and historical.  The word Vagina and Yoni is no longer down there, or whispered in secret. She has risen and continues to Rise. Women and Men in South Africa, Turkey and Egypt share spaces where the shame is washed away and shaken off. Joining an evolutionary movement to get to know what it truly feels like to be in our bodies, to live our lives and to save ourselves. I Bow to these women and men who are on their journeys of reclaiming and who continue to be my teachers.

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