I started writing this blog 20km from the pyramids of Giza in Cairo. Egypt is a land of paradox, difficult to describe simply. 9.5 million people live in Cairo.  Sometimes the heat and the smell of decay is almost unbearable - While pyramids frame the landscape. And you meet people who carry a soulful beauty about them. Yes, there is magic in this land.

We gathered, as Sisters of many paths, rose petals kissing our feet amidst the fear and stories of the economy, the politics, the decay and death. We heard Love calling us together. Saying; "I will be waiting here. For your silence to break. For your soul to shake. For your love to wake. " Rumi

Oh beautiful Sisters of Egypt. You gathered to shape the forbidden words, yoni, vagina, womb, Rahim – holy vessels of compassionate merciful life. You,sacred portal of rebirth. I feel you. I hear you. I have come to you in love.

With sculpting hands, you brought the hidden to light. Gave Thanks to the wombs through whom we came to earth.

At Dahshur, a holy date palm forest invited us to pray, swim and dance under its canopy. The palm is mentioned in the Quran and in the bible. The palm has been a sacred symbol of peace, abundance, rest, hospitality, endurance and long life for many cultures and for centuries. The prophet Muhammad pbuh – is said to have built his house from a palm tree, Ancient Assyrians believed that the palm represented heaven and earth. Inanna, Apollo and many more are linked to the sacred palm.

Basking in and under the shade of a mighty palm tree forest, brought many gifts into our time at Dahshur. As the gentle wind nudged the palms into a swaying dance, our sacred time together had us swaying our holy hips to a pulse held in the land. Where words fell away and we all became one breath, one womb. We shook off the things we no longer wished to hold onto.

Rooted to earth, our rosettes bloomed, kissing the sky with our sacred shapes.

Yes, we reclaimed our holy vessels of compassionate merciful love as the call to prayer echoed through the land. We vowed to anchor love within ourselves and into the world.

To Serve only Love is a potent medicine for ourselves, our ancestors and all of life, at this time in our history on earth. It feels like the most revolutionary action I can take now. The most revolutionary act we choose to shape together.

I Thank and Honour each of you who shared your life, your laughter, your gifts , your home and your love so graciously. May the heart of the sun continue to shine through you.

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