Thank you Karakya Retreat. Your beautiful valley’s and curves held us all with such grace. Your sunshine warmed us while we sculpted and shared on the soft earth. Beautiful Bodrum, we rested and feasted and were nourished while our energies were restored. Thank you to the kitchen goddesses and knights who fed us so beautifully.

Magical Lake Bafa - your body of water filled our cups to the brim - your birdsong rang out clear even as the sacred waters fell from the sky to make love to mother earth. We dream of you and wonder what seeds will be born? Which flowers will come into full bloom? 
I am enriched - ripe with all that has been birthed along your shores.
From Bodrum, to Lake Bafa, to Izmir and all the way to Ankara - women gathered to clear the energies ... and to send love in their wombs. 
We shared deep grief and almost unspeakable horrors that we have experienced. We held the sacred throughout our days and we danced our prayers.
Filiz Telek and I opened the doors of the Sacred Feminine Temple at Lake Bafa together with a circle of soul sisters. For 7 000 years a peace loving Goddess culture existed in harmony with nature in Anatolia. All around Turkey the ruins of ancient temples stand as testimony to this time and to the stories of the sacred feminine and all her practices. All the forms of her devotion - her dancing, her songs, her art, her music and her divinity. In ceremony we remembered Her story. We reclaimed the priestess living within each of us - even as the word priestess does not exist in turkish. 
We called so much into remembrance - the gifts of our mothers and grandmothers. Their sewing and crafting gatherings. We called on our ancient feminine memories to rise within us as we reclaim the rights over our bodies, our sexuality, our own stories and our rights to pleasure and to receive.
We honoured our paternal lineages and We Thank the sacred masculine for showing up in so many different ways. 
I met many women who practice the ancient feminine sacred arts. My Sister Oykum took me for my first hammam experience. Wow, the womb shape greeted me from all angles in the main room as coloured glass brought sparkles of light to beautify every one inside. The wise women who practice at the hammam carries ancient knowledge. Their presence and their touch was magical. I felt like I was in the body of the Great Mother being massaged and restored back to health and well being. The hammam is deeply connected to our bodies and to our sacred sexuality. Many women came to the hammam in preparation for marriage and nights of passion, cleaning the body of dead skin, sweating out toxins and awakening the powers of beauty and rejuvenation. After a few hours in the hammam amongst other women sharing and laughing, my skin glowing, I felt ready for life again.
I met women who work in the spirit world - called upon in times of struggle by modern women, doing their work simply, holding the wisdom of the past.
All around Turkey sacred feminine spaces are alive and growing.  We gather to invite Divine Love into our hearts, wombs and lives. We dance and share our joys - we allow ourselves to be witnesses and we witness each other. 
The Sisters of Anatolia - Baciyan-i Rum came into our circle. Stories of beautiful women with hearts of lionesses - trained in combat, who lived and thrived in Anatolia - brought much joy and wonder to our retreat as their memory came to life.
My cup is full, my heart enriched with this reclaiming and remembering.
In a country with so much turmoil, the women of Turkey continue to gather and connect to their medicine, their songs, their dances, calling in the sacred masculine - weaving it all in beauty and with divinity. Mother Cybele, you have blessed us with so much. Tesekkur ederim. Thank you. Shukran. Jazakullah. We are Blessed. 
May Our Prayers Bless All the Women and Men of Turkey and All around the World.

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