Honoured to add my voice to this campaign
I am honoured to add my voice to this campaign. Female Genital Mutilation is no longer in the shadows. Every anti-fgm campaigner should know that our efforts no matter how small has resulted in this subject now being spoken about, written about, discussed in small and large groups world wide. It has resulted in laws about this practice to be changed all around the world. And this continues.I have just been interviewed by Channel Africa. What an incredible opportunity to speak about FGM on a world wide platform. To share my own story and to encourage women to keep talking about their vagina's.This is what happens when each of us does what calls to be done by us from deep within our hearts. 
Every women and young girl who cried for her vagina - her sorrow and pain and who asked, Why, Oh Why, do I have to go through this???  
Your voice has been heard.Your pain has been felt and your struggles have not been in vain. 
Every womb on this planet, feel the pain of every other womb. That is the energetic feminine fillaments that connects every women to every women. Every vagina to every vagina. You pain is my pain. What happens to one Womb, Happens to Us All.
On this day, we shout a collective, No! out into the Universe.
No More!
No More!
Our bodies belong to us.
Our vagina’s belong to us.
What happens to our bodies should be our choice.
We reclaim this right.
Yes, we reclaim this right.
This gift from God, Allah, Goddess or Spirit.
We know that our ancestors had good reason for the choices that they made.
We mean no disrespect towards them.
We need to choose
We need to choose what is best for us in this era,
In this time on the planet
And we ask for their support,
and their blessing 
as we make new agreements with our bodies and our vaginas.
We choose Rites of Passage ceremonies that do not require us to be forced to endure pain, humiliation and years of suffering.
That do not need us to shed our blood.
We choose Rites of Passage ceremonies that honour our bodies, our right to choice.
Our right to experience joy and laughter as we become woman.
We are the women of now
Dreaming a new world into Being.

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