Healing is
the soft caress of a breeze on my skin,
sun lit rays kissing my body,
the delicate breath of a rose,
the russle of leaves and the magic of trees.
Healing is listening to birds chirping 
and butterflies dancing,
feeling the bliss of water meeting body.
Nature is Healing
healing happens in the moments we simply are,
a shared smile,  
an adoring gaze from my beloved.
Healing happens when I allow you to hold me in your arms,
feeling gratitude for life,
letting go of blame.
Healing is when I reach out to hold your hand,
when I gaze deep into your eyes,
and you feel me say, I see you.
Healing is listening to some-one,
feeling seen and heard.
Healing is resourcing ourselves
answering to what do I need,
singing and dancing.
Pleasure is Healing,, 
anointing my body
being tender with myself,
resting when I need to,
dressing up or dressing down.
Healing happens when I speak up for myself,
creating clear boundaries.
Love is Healing
remembering that I was created in love,
that we were created in love.
Healing is feeling my feelings
and expressing them without causing harm to self or others.
Healing is remembering that I have a place in the circle of life,
I am part of the whole,
Feeling Gratitude is Healing,
Forgiveness is Healing
of self and others.
Healing is loving myself
and learning to love others.
Trusting myself is healing.
Prayer is healing.
Healing is a choice.
                     by  Rah

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