I traveled with Saudia Air via Jeddah en route to offer womb awakening work in Egypt. As the plane ascended, an arabic prayer of protection reverberated throughout the plane. This devotional essence set the tone for our journey. The plane was filled with pilgrims en route to Mecca, dressed in their traditional  pilgrim clothes - the men wore the traditional white cloths ready for their pilgrimage and the women were dressed in black.

The energy of devotion and prayer could be seen and felt as men and women sat reading the Quran and counting their prayer beads, their divine essence visible and palpable. 

The words most used in the life of a muslim are is Araghmaan and Aragheem together they denote the two most adored attributes of the Almighty - that of most beneficent and most merciful. It is interesting that the root Raghma means womb and mercy. Both are the qualities of the divine feminine. In Arabic the womb is called Rahim. - the essence of the Divine Feminine. It is this essence that opens our hearts and allows compassion to flow. She, the divine feminine is woven deeply into the fabric of Islam and in every religion and culture. 

The seat of the feminine is revered in Islam so much that it is said that, ” Heaven lies at the feet of the mother”.

It is she who is reminding us of who we are. Calling on our soft,caring,compassion natures. 

High up in the clouds, the captain announced that we would pass over the Kaabah in Mecca. I thought of the magic of the black stone and the fact that many muslim women wear black. 

In womb awakening the dark black shimmering energy is a feminine space. It is the place of birth and rebirth and the place we journey to in order to remember ourselves. 

My ears and heart are attuned to the words that honor the sacred feminine no matter who speaks them. It is to this aspect of the Almighty, God or Spirit that I am aligned to. We have come to Egypt to listen to the women and men who live here. In a crazy city like Cairo, we are surrounded by the Call to Prayer. The Divine Feminine is everywhere and yet she has been forgotten by many. I see how important is was for me to travel in a plane of pilgrims en route to this ancient country. 

Our first offerings have been met with open arms. Everywhere in Egypt men and women welcome us. We are humbled by how we are received and by all the doors that open so that we can offer our work here in this ancient land. Nicole and I honor each of the women of Egypt who continue to show up to meet and be with us here. We Thank You for your Yes, your courage and your trust.

We hold space in the frequency of Divine Love. This is the foundation of womb awakening.

Womb Awakening invites us to awaken to what is living and breathing within our wombs and haras. It does not ask that we embrace a new belief system nor that we reject what we hold dear. Womb Awakening accepts us as we are and invites us to remember that we are the Divine.


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