I arrived in Istanbul on 15th September 2016 and travelled to meet with my Co Creatrix Filiz Telek in Izmir,Turkey. Our journey  started with a pilgrimage to the Temple of Aphrodisias. The soft rays of the setting sun greeted us with such warmth as we arrived after a 4 hour car journey. We walked through the gigantic ancient doorway, touched the earth and stood marveling at the largess of it all. A chant came to me as I sat down in the sparkling energies of the ancient ruin.  We were on an ancient path as we sat in Aphrodite's frequency  - I Am the Body of Love - filled the air here.
That night as we slept close to the Temple Ruins, our conversations were filled with the subject of Love. 
Our next stop was the Artemis Temple. Just before we arrived at Artemis Temple we were nearly in an accident and in an instant our safety and protection became key. Artemis temple ruin is not cared for and is being left to fall apart. Most of the pillars have been moved and used to rebuild other parts of Turkey. A water snake swimming in a smaIl pool below us greeted our arrival and I took this as a good sign as we offered our prayers. Being alert and defending our boundaries were clear messages for me at Artemis temple ruin. 
Our journey took us to The House of Mary or Maryam of Ephesus - a  shrine sacred to both muslims and christians in Ephesus. The house of The Virgin Mary and mother of Jesus was identified in the 19th century by the visions of a Catholic Nun- the Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich and they were published in a book by Clemens Brentano in Germany after her death in 1852.
There is a sacred water well at the site believed by many to have miraculous healing and fertility powers. Maryam/Mary of Ephesus brings all people together to remember Divine Love and to bathe in the frequencies of Divine Love. 
In the week leading up to our workshop, two ancient figurines of the Mother Cybele rose from the earth to be found after thousands of years in two different archeological sites in Turkey. The synchronicity of this alignment with the ancient womb teachings returning to this sacred motherland felt historical in itself.
We felt the ancient Mothers supporting us and holding our hands. The Ida Mountains are known as the The Mother Mountains and the Mountain of Cybele. Our Retreat centre at Hizir kamp is a pristine wilderness filled with the sounds of rustling trees, chirping birds and the stillness  in nature where the life giving waters flows from the deep earth and where the sparkling clean air fills your lungs, while the sun kisses your face. 
Here in this pristine setting, held by our Divine Mother and by each women who said yes and who showed up to this call - we wove a dynamic loving circle, offering what we could, witnessing each other, encouraging one another, gently inviting ourselves to shed and bloom in the presence of  Love. 
We journeyed together into our wombs, into unknown parts of ourselves. We gave voice to the stories of our wombs and we grieved for ourselves, we kept committing to let go and to let Love In. We supported one another and we offered our shakti as loving balm into our circle for our own healing, for the healing of our lineages and for those who come after us. 
After our beautiful gathering, re - connecting with our wombs and opening to Her wisdom, we journeyed to the Temple of Athena. This magestic temple sits high on a mountain top and faces the ocean at the look out point where one can see the island of Lesbos. An Olive tree greets you as you arrive. All three of us felt stirred into a deep heart listening as we each chose a spot to sit and meditate and listen. Strands of wisdom vibrations moved around in the winds and I became very tired as if sleep would reveal the content of what was shared here. I felt the  frequencies present supporting my heart wisdom to flow and breathe.
My heart and womb felt full of all that was shed and shared here in Turkey. Supported in circle we touched our wombs with love and found beauty within ourselves again. We glowed as we remembered that we are always held in Love. We rose together in circle and we anchored the essences of our journey and our love into the sacred waters and air - and deep into the earth just like the ancient ones present on the land did before us. We said Yes to remembering this ancient wisdom present within each of us.

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