For nine days we were held in the Womb of the Black Madonna and on  09.09.2016 we visited her at the Cathedral of Notre-Dame du Puy. We were deep in the teachings of embodied womb awakening - clearing our pathways and transitioning the spiral between student and teacher.
At the end of my nine moon apprenticeship in 2015, I joined fellow womb pilgrims in pilgrimage to the sacred sites of Mary Magdalene here in France. I answered a longing to merge and be encoded with the frequencies of the divine feminine. Part of my prayers for last year was that the Mother may bless me to enter the teacher training programme of the Fountain of Life. It is a miracle for me to be here, to live what it means to place my trust completely in Her Divine Grace. 
I felt the Call of the ancient ones living in me on my first night here when I dreamt of The People of Tswa. I had placed my ancestor stone and other sacred ancestor symbols on our communal altar that very evening. I have never had such a clear dream of my Tswa ancestors before and it brought much grief for the stories of our ancestors in south africa.  
The Tswa are known as the original hunter gatherers of South Africa and of other african countries. They thrived within a womb cosmology - believing that we humans live within the womb of the Great Mother. 
These ancestors of mine, possessed deep knowledge of plant medicines and lived within womb like structures made of reeds and saplings. 
Many of them migrated from South Africa to Ireland. Their history has been distorted by the invaders and now they are returning to be celebrated as the deep wisdom keepers of our country. The Tswa were the ones who educated all the other tribes about plant medicine and the gifts from our ocean mother here in south africa. They were believed to be a race filled with magic and they lived in harmony with one another and the earth and all her creatures. According to Sanusi Credo Mutwa, the Tswa knew how to build boats and travelled extensively across the ocean. 
The connection of the Black Madonna to Africa is undisputed as she stands in her divine essence deep in the heart of patriarchy.  I heard “ I am the Source that nourished the First nations, the People of the Tswa. I am the one danced through ecstasy - the one men and women throughout the world long to merge with. I am the one that patriarchy tries to devour century after century. The one the First Peoples were destroyed over. 
I am the well spring of the living pulse lying dormant within your wombs and haras. I dwell within you waiting - waiting for you to call my name - to open to my presence within you and to your presence within me”
I am in awe at meeting the people of Tswa here in France. Their innocence and love touching me and inviting me in. I feel their message ," we have never left you”.
Days after our visit to the Black Madonna, we journeyed to visit the Neanderthal cave near Pont du Arc. I found the guided tour disappointing but the creative skills of the Neanderthals could not be ignored. The way they worked with the rock formations using the indentations  and curves to give a sense of movement to the horses,lions,bears,reindeer and more. It was clear to me that the story of ancient men and women having no brain sense is a story made up by those who wished to control the minds of future generations. In this original art gallery from the Garden of Eden, one can feel them reaching out from beyond the beyond.
We felt guided by the Black Madonna to visit Pont du Arc, right after without knowing that the original cave looked upon this great archway. We imagined what it must have been like to have sat in the cave in the heart of the mountain and to gaze out upon the sparkling waters during full moon. There is a pristine presence here at Pont Du Arc - a sense of being in the Garden of Eden. When standing in front of the Arc, one is drawn between the worlds, between the flowing waters and the pristine earth - a bridge between the world - between heaven and earth - between our ancestors and ourselves. I could feel their pristine innocent laughter reaching out acros the ages deep inside my heart and womb. 
I am heart and womb-full of the messages and beauty of the ancient ones. I feel how my life is part of a greater tapestry being woven by Her with a Thousand names. I give myself to love, inviting more of me to come home in my body, in my womb and in my heart. I feel fuelled with the courage and gratitude of the ancient ones as I say my goodbyes to all who held me in such love here in France. My heart is filled with gratitude as I open my arms to the next step of my journey. May the Love in our Wombs and Haras come to Birth a new Earth.

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