South African Womb Wisdom, the support of the Lion Shaman and Lions
It was written in the stars that three white lion cubs are to be born at the Drakenstein Lion Sanctuary in 2016. 
The birth of the white lion cubs at a lion sanctuary created an uproar amongst sanctuaries as it is their policy not to breed.  
According to Lion Shaman Credo Mutwa, ‘the african shaman sees white lions as transmitters if divine love and wisdom’.
There is an undisputable link for me between the visit of Sanusi Credo Mutwa to our mother city in 2015 and the birth of three white lion cubs all named after goddesses at the Drakenstein Lion Sanctuary in 2016. Sanusi Credo Mutwa offered many prayers here in our mother city. In a symbolic act of coming full circle, he drew the Ouroboros - the serpent or snake eating its own tail - in the sand on the beach using kelp. 
This representation of infinity and the creature’s ability to sustain it’s own life - eating itself, while providing its own nourishment at the same time. It also represents the cyclical nature of the Universe, from creation to destruction. It happens to be circular like a womb.
This lived experience of ceremony with two respected Elders of South Africa carries Golden Threads of healing for our mother city and for the rest of south africa.
According to Lion Shaman Credo Mutwa, the white lions are in fact Star beings who came to our planet for specific purposes.
The first time I visited African Shaman Credo Mutwa and his wife Virginia Mutwa, he asked me, "Why do you think I am still alive Ma’am? So may times I thought that I would die and I felt ready to go, yet everytime I kept coming back. Why do you think this is Ma’am?" I was overwhelmed by this question. How could I possibly have an answer. So I answered quite glibly, "Well you obviously had to meet us, me and my husband, Baba Credo". He only smiled and I keep walking with this question. Every year for three years after that visit, we kept extending the invitation for them to come and holiday with us. Every year either Mama or Baba was too ill to visit. Until last year, after a Priestess ceremony held at the Venus Pool at Cape Point. Where many sisters felt Baba Credo's presence and I invited them home and we called the Mutwa’s. And Mama Virginia said, "Just this morning Baba Credo said, I am ready to go to Cape Town now Virginia",and so the adventures of the Mutwa’s and a mother city womb temple unfolded.
Several year before I participated in an ancestral workshop with two local traditional healers, I had the most incredible dream where I changed into a roaring lioness after being chased by baboons. This was my first experience of lion medicine. It was not until my own womb healing was grounded within the sanctity of a womb healing pod at Fountain of Life and Seren and Azra Bertrand became my teachers, that the next phase began to flow. Three quarters through my first 9 moon apprenticeship, I held space for the Mutwa’s. I learnt many teachings about holding space, anchoring the frequencies of Divine Love, about grief and sorrow .... and about how receiving the gifts of love and care can shift deep woundings and pain. 
I visited Panthera after being prompted by a Sister and Womb Priestess from the UK. She brought me news of Panthera in Stanford and invited me to join her there. The following week 3 of us visited the lion sanctuary in Drakenstein. It was a beautiful hot day filled with the self knowing presence of lions and lionesses. As we said goodbye and drove away, I looked up into the blue sky and a cloud with the shape of a lion's head and the tail of a dragon appeared above us. We felt the presence of this fiery dragon energy amongst the lions. This passion seemed to emanate from them. This passion that lives within us that seems so distorted in our society and that is so difficult to embrace and embodied within our feminine physche.
A journey to the Mutwa’s followed in March 2016 and shaped by unforseen circumstances, we started our journey at the Drakenstein prison. We could not have known that all 9 of us, 4 adults and 5 children would stand in circle around the statue of Nelson Mandela, and that we would offer prayers for peace and protection at the start of our pilgrimage to visit lion shaman Credo Mutwa and his wife Virginia Mutwa.
On the full moon of 21 May 2016, a sacred circle of sisters and children offered prayers for healing and for the healing of our country  at Drakenstein Lion Sanctuary. Our sacred circle was held within a pyramid configuration that unfolded naturally. Three circles stretched across the land, held by women and filled with the golden presence of lions joined to form one prayer, one circle. It felt as if we were called by the lions to join them in prayer and not the other way around. The essence of pleasure emanating from the lions was palpable as we opened our eyes, our ears, our hearts and our minds to the lions and what they had to teach us. 
We watched as the lionesses spent ages grooming and cleaning one another. They were teaching girl time in a whole new way, while the male watched over them and had their backs. Their male mirrored the one male who came with us. We watched a tawny and white lioness sprawled out on the earth, simply enjoying one another. And there was nothing but purity in their togetherness. This was pure unconditional love given and received over and over. In silence the lionesses groomed one another, cleaned one another, they lay with their legs entertwined, their necks rubbing one another and their heads cradling each other. Their teachings were strong. A pride of lionesses spreading love.
Suddenly Loti the lioness jumped up, and trotted towards our circle. We sat facing two enclosures and she slowed down as she came closer to us. We all remained seating, watching and waiting as crows and ravens flew overhead adding their songs. She came so close, looked each of us in the eyes. When her eyes reached mine, my womb went into spasm. The energy so intense that I got off my feet and ended up and all fours for a few minutes, panting a little in into the spontaneous release. I focused on my breath as Loti continued to gaze at our circle. She sat down then and our awe at her acknowledgement of us could be felt in the air. She simply relaxed there,belly on the earth flickering away flies.
Both tawny and white lions have had an impact on me and my life this last year. The way lionesses put themselves first, the time they take to rest and enjoy being on the earth is a big teaching for many of us. We have so many reasons why we are unable to put ourselves first, while we similtaneously long to do so. The self acceptance of a lioness fills the air and she truly embodies self love. As she lives and hunts amongst her sisters she is the perfect teacher of sisterhood.
When she sits, her womb is rooted to the earth as a regal queen, grounded and waiting for the right time to take action. She is the great mother of protection - gentle and caring to her young and rising in a raor when it is necessary.

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