Sanusi Credo Mutwa and Mama Virginia Mutwa held in the embrace of a Mother City Womb Temple

Womb temples, spaces where south african and african women came together to merge with nature and to honour all of life existed in south africa and africa long long ago. Ceremonies where women came together in honour of the web of life, blessed the masculine, the lands and all who dwelt there. These ceremonies where love and beauty were encoded into the surrounding spaces brought peace, harmony and beauty into being.

I first met the Mutwa’s several years ago when they performed a water ceremony on Camps Bay beach. The next day Mama Virginia wrote her number down and invited me to visit them. We spoke on the telephone often over the next few years until all was aligned for me to be able to spend time with them in Kuruman. For three years Baba Credo said that Mama Ocean was calling him and that he longed to be with her again but that he was too ill for such a long journey. During March 2015, both of them desperately needed the medicine that our ocean mother can offer and an epic adventure unfolded. Their request was for privacy and our intention was to offer them a space where they could receive. Several circles supported our elders and their time in the mother city. Sanusi Credo Mutwa and Mama Virginia Mutwa visited our mother ocean and offered their prayers. A small water ceremony followed. The longing in their hearts to stand once more in the presence of and on our holy Table Mountain was answered and together we sang songs of peace and love for all the peoples and for all of life there. According to Baba Credo ‘ the ancient ones said that humans were born from our sacred Table Mountain.
For years Baba Credo Mutwa has spoken of all of us returning to the ways of the grandmothers and of tapping into our mother minds as a way of bringing healing to ourselves and to the rest of the world. The pieces of a puzzle held in the hands of the Divine took shape as each of us brought our ancestral threads into our circle. In moments enfused with purity and beauty our Elders returned to walk this land, to be bathed in the frequency of this Garden of Eden where the ancient ones lived in balance, beauty and harmony. Garden means womb from the latin (hortus) and is a magical feminine space held in the innocence and beauty of Love.
We journeyed with our soul wounds and we witnessed the sorrow of lost dreams and the wound of unshed tears in the stories of Sanusi Credo Mutwa. 
In purity and with beauty our Elders returned to walk this land, to be bathed in the frequency of this Garden of Eden where the ancient ones lived in harmony with one another and in harmony with all of creation. 
We walked in the foot steps of the ancient ones before us. We prayed, cried and rejoiced at the feet of our Mother and we were anointed in her sacred waters. We were all part of a Great Remembering. To remember who we are. To remember how to breathe and how to receive.
" We must remember the holy things back and bring back the holy places to heal the people. Remembering will bring humanity to the root of the ancient soul and the old world must go into a new era without swords, only with hands that are clean" Sanusi Credo Mutwa

A Mother City Womb Temple was anchored and her frequency pulses througout the lands,in honour of all peoples and all of life. 


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