We Give Ourselves Away
Self Love. Boundaries. Forgive. Cleanse. Heal. Reclaim. 
I spent years giving myself away. I gave myself away because I did not know better. I was taught that one must earn love. I did not know what boundaries were or how to create boundaries in a relationship. Creating healthy boundaries was a catch phrase until I had enough - spoke it and vowed to do differently, and a door opened for me to learn a new way of relating to myself and others.
I gave myself away because I thought this is what women do to be appreciated and respected in our society.
We give ourselves away in co-dependant relationships with our parents,lovers, our children and our friends.  We give ourselves away to keep the peace. To feel a sense of belonging in our families and with our partners. We give ourselves away to redeem ourselves. 
We give ourselves away because we feel guilty for being different. 
We play small when we give ourselves away and we inadvertantly send a message out that others are more important than we are.
We carry the stories of how our ancestors survived in our cells. Sometimes we carry their guilt and we give ourselves away on behalf of them.
We give ourselves away because of our own guilt - because we did not stand in our truth when we were called to do so, we lay down our own punishment - we give ourselves away in acts of redemption. 
We give ourselves away for our causes and our circles. Places where belonging and fitting in and feeling part of community feeds our souls. These sacred spaces are the closest thing many of us find to being part of a functioning family. Often all the same dynamics present within a family lives within our circles, and we have to learn how to speak up for ourselves, how to be heard when the majority of voices move in a different rhythm than us. 
When we have been in a spiral of giving ourselves away, we need space to feel and express our feelings and our grief. A new way of relating cannot open for us until we feel and grieve the old ways of being. In giving ourselves away, we have given parts of ourselves away to others. Those parts cannot come home on their own. 
I have experienced and witnessed in others what not having space to express our grief and our trauma creates in our lives and within the circles we are a part of. I know how difficult it can be to allow our emotions their freedom. And how scary it feels when our feelings finally come to the surface to be felt and expressed. 
Many of the structures within our societies offer no space for our true feelings. We feel forced to hold ourselves together even when we know we are falling apart. Often our circles are so tightly held together that there is no space to receive us fully when we are triggered. 
Most of us carry some form of trauma. This trauma in our bodies need to heal before we are able to stop the spiral of giving ourselves away. We need spaces where we can grieve and feel held. 
I now offer what I have learnt through my own journey. I leamt that feeling worthy is not based on self sacrifice. That Our Source - Our Mother Divine offers Her unconditional Love tp us regardless of whether we feel worthy or not. 
My Yoni Steam Sessions and My Womb Healing Journey’s are held in a way that allows space for all your trauma and your grief. With my shamanic drum I offer ways of calling back, of reclaiming and of integrating your lost soul parts. 
All of who we are is held within the fields of our wombs and haras.  When we reclaim ourselves from our epicentre - from the heart of our being we are able to come home to all that we are. 

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