My own healing continues to be grounded in my choice to keep calling forgiveness into my being. I call the forgiveness that is like soft rain washing through my sacred body - a balm to my pain. The Forgiveness that has the capacity to teach me about my ability to open my heart to myself. 
I offer this invocation 'I Forgive Myself ‘. I see and feel how forgiveness clears my energy field and my capacity to feel my feelings. Forgiving myself means that I no longer hold onto beliefs that I deserve to be punished for my mistakes. It opens me to feelings of compassion and understanding towards myself and therefor to others. 
I start to see that I have done my best. That that is all I could do at the time. No matter what I think I could have done if only I knew then what I know now. Nothing else could be done with the skills I had then. I did my best.
Forgiving myself means taking responsibility for my own actions without burying myself in failure for what has not worked in my life.  It means saying that I am Worthy.  Yes, I am Worthy. I am Worthy and I can Forgive Myself.
It means I can no longer hide behind the blame game. I can no longer hide behind the story that I am not good enough, or that I am always misunderstood and every one else gets to live their dreams and visions. There can be no more poor me when I start applying this balm of forgiveness to myself. Without this act of forgiving myself I remain stuck in a story where I am the victim. Where some one is always doing something to hurt me, or betray me, or violate my rights. I remain stuck in the story where I cannot learn to trust myself. My finger remains pointed...
There is a well of compassion inside ourselves and as we make our intentions to forgive ourselves, this well rises to meet us.
I invite you to hold your left hand on your heart and your right hand on your womb or hara. Take a few deep breaths and feel how your roots grow deep down into the moist earth. Allow yourself deep breaths as you ground your intention to forgive yourself.
If you wish you can light a candle or create ceremonial space before you start. When you are ready,  speak your words of forgiveness to yourself out loud. I recommend you speak your words a few times and that you do so as often as is possible for yourself. Allow whatever you are able to offer yourself in the moment to be enough. May It Be So.
May Divine Love Embrace Us All. 

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