Divine Rah

Rah - Nomvula is an African Womb Intuitive, Water Medicine Woman, Yoni Steam Practitioner, Graduate of the Fountain of Life and Teacher of the Womb Mysteries. She was initiated into this vocation through the root of her arabic name at birth - which means both womb and merciful  - and through her life story. Her initiations were strengthened by studies in herbal medicine, ancestral rituals, women's earth based medicine and movement medicine. She has been in training for 15 years with different teachers learning to embody and anchor her work. She joined the Fountain of Life in 2013, completing the 9 Moon Apprenticeship in 2015, graduating as a Teacher of the Womb Mysteries in 2016. In 2015 she was blessed to hold space for Mama Virginia Mutwa and Sanusi Credo Mutwa in various ceremonies in Cape Town and she was blessed with the name Nomvula - lady of the waters and rivers. Rah’s sessions are rooted in the frequncy of Divine Love. She offers the path of her heart.

I honour my womb and my sacred sexuality as the gateway to my divinity. 
I embrace all spiritual paths and align my teachings , events, workshops and practices of ancient traditions and earth based wisdom for the betterment and support of all. 
I am attuned to the powerful, mystical, magical and primal energies of The Divine Feminine as she has been honoured by all traditions and cultures since the begining of time.
Holding the frequency of Divine Love, I offer to inspire and guide you, so that you can awaken to the level of readiness that empowers you to be the agent of your own transformation.
2001 – 2004 - Rah’s Soulfood: home industry producing samosas,ajtar, and catering for healing weekends

2002 to 2016 - Begin Sweat lodge participation - Water medicine training in Cape Town, Germany and Albuquerque

2002 & 2003 - Caterer for Healing weekends - John Twobirds SA Tour

2001 to 2003 - Apprentice Medicine woman, Terramater International

2002 - Vision Quest – Clanwilliam

2005 to 2007 - School of Herbology SA – study of herbs and herbal medicine

2007 - Water Ceremony – meet Sanusi Baba Credo Mutwa and Virginia Mutwa in Landudno

2008 - Ancestral ceremonies – Traditional Healer and Teacher Colin Campbell

2009 - Writing workshop – Anne Schuster

2009 – Munay-Ki Rites 

2009 - Founded Divine Lotus – Breaking the silence & Pioneering conversations about fgm in Cape Town and South Africa.

2011 - Earth Medicine Training – with medicine family in Germany

2011 - Training & Coming full circle with Medicine Family – Bent, Albuquerque USA

2011 - Vision Quest – Bent, Albuquerque

2012 - Writing workshop - Dorian Haarhof  

2013 - Open Rah’s Womb Room – Pioneering Yoni steam sessions in Cape Town and South Africa

2011 to 2017 - School of Movement Medicine  -– 5 Intensives,9 weekend workshops, 1 x 11 Day Dance - Initiation

2013 - Ancestral workshop – Traditional Healers and Teachers Colin and Niall Campbell

2013 – Womb Awakening Training - Fountain Of Life - Widwives to Womb Awakening

2013 - Writing Mentorship with Dorian Haarhof

2014 - Book Launch – Author published ‘Cutting My Flower’  

2014 - Join Women are Medicine – Cape Point

2014 - Permaculture Training Course: with Alex Kruger at Seed

2015 - Space holder for Grieving Elders & Sacred Circle 

2015 & 2016 - Women of the Earth Gathering – Offer Yoni Steam Sessions & Grief Ceremony

2015 - Women are Medicine – Offer Yoni Steam sessions in Eygaliers, France,

2015 - Caller at Women are Medicine – Cape Point, SA & Eygaliers, France

2016 - Leadership Training – with Undine Whande and Ghalib Galant, Towerland 

2016 - Women are Medicine Calller Gathering,Towerland - Grief Ceremony

2016 - Fountain of Life Teacher Training – France - Teacher of the Womb Mysteries

2016 & 2017 - Women are Medicine - Womb Awakening with Filiz Telek,Turkey

2016 & 2017 - Womb Awakening Workshops & Yoni Steam sessions in Egypt