Divine Rah


I was born in the shade of our holy Table Mountain and the Mother City has always been my home. I come from Bushmen, Indian and Irish descent. I grew up in a family who faced many challenges living in apartheid South Africa. One of these challenges was my experience of female genital cutting as a teenager.
My trauma became a struggle stirred by a yearning in my heart to wake up, to feel my frozen emotions and to be able to express myself as a woman. This awakening was strengthened when I trained with a native american elder here in Cape Town. I felt the mysteries of the sacred feminine calling me and this apprenticeship gave a shape to this Calling. As I learnt to surrender to the ways of the feminine, teachers and wise elders arrived to support and guide me. Over several years I participated in shamanic dance with the School of Movement Medicine where the opportunities to dance all the stories I carried within me brought me to many realisations. I realised that I had much to learn and much to share. I have always been a writer. Words captivated me. I wrote letters to my departed Ouma and Oupa. I wrote letters to my parents and myself. 
When I read through all that was written about my processes, I felt a weaving of my story of transformation and I prayed that I would be able to offer this to women who faced similar struggles.
'Cutting My Flower' - my story of remembering and transformation was published in 2014.
In the beauty of the feminine spiral way I was led to train with the Fountain of Life and my Yoni Healing Journey came full circle with my Graduation in September 2016.
 I have been Initiated at sacred sites of the Feminine in South Africa, Germany, Bent-New Mexico and Avebury (UK). As well as sacred sites of Mary Magdalene in the south of France. At the sacred Altar of the Black Madonna and the Neanderthal Cave in the South West of France. I have been blessed to pilgrimage to the Temples of Aphrodite, Artemis, Athena and at the House of Mary in Turkey. With the Blessing of my teachers and Elders and through these Initiations I became rooted in my vocation as a Womb Priestess of the Mother City. I weave with compassion and humility. My Priestess work includes being a Yoni Steam and Womb Awakening Practitioner, Grief Ceremony Facilitator and a Pathfinder of Memory. I offer the Path of My Heart, anchoring the frequencies of the Divine Feminine where ever I am called.